The Parents (About us)


Since moving from UK to Hong Kong 6 years ago and after spending a year in Shanghai, Nisha has come far from her first taste of a sushi roll! She’s had the chance to travel around Asia eating Pho from a roadside in Vietnam to slurping noodles in the ramen stalls of Tokyo.
Being a Brit she enjoys a Gin & Tonic and admits to her guilty pleasure of a big bowl of pasta.


Vinyee has been a Hongkie since 2012, previously working as a food taster, she has done what most of us dream of doing, eating for a living! Coming from the UK, she has an eclectic taste in food and is always looking for the next new joint to try. The thing she most wants on a  Sunday afternoon is an almond croissant and chai latte.


Vinyee and Nisha have been friends since high school. Moved around the same time to Hong Kong, they have a passion for trying new places in the city and just talking about food in general.

Their main aim with this blog is to share their experiences with you, the reader and to provide open, succinct and HONEST opinions about the places they have visited. They do not accept any freebies or kickbacks from the places they have visited, so reviews will be as sincere as possible and they will not waffle on or go off on a rant, their reviews are to the point.

They do not use any fancy DSLR cameras to take the pictures, everything is taken on smart phones (iPhone and LG) . None are lifted from other sources so you can get an idea of what the dishes REALLY look like! They  do not limit their dining choices to upmarket, posh restaurants. Instead the motto is to follow the FOOD and they hope their recommendations are something you will consider when dining out.

Everyone has different tastes, so Foodbabyhk does not use a rating system. If you want to know their ‘final’ thoughts, skip ahead to the ‘verdict’ section of the review.

They welcome any comments, pictures, posts, contributions and ideas you want to share. If you want to be a guest writer, please contact them!

Let’s make foodbaby your baby too!