A fabulous feast at Fofo by El Willy

Fofo has been on my radar for a while and armed with the Entertainer app, allowing us BOGOF (buy one get one free) on Saturday brunch, this meal was set to be an absolute bargain! I have scoped out their a la carte and lunch menus before and to my dismay the dishes seemed quite pricey. Brunch on the other hand is another story. Fofo offers a starter, 2 tapas, one main, one dessert and a tea/coffee per person for 368 HKD +10%. With the entertainer app, it worked out to approx. 200 HKD each!


Hailing from Shanghai, in its home turf Fofo offers authentic and affordable Spanish food from Barcelona based chef Willy ‘el Willy’ Trullas Moreno.  Their Hong Kong branch is located in the Central M88 building with enormous windows allowing a generous amount of sunlight in and their all white décor with porcelain penguins dotted around and white tablecloths giving the venue a truly sophisticated feel.


To kick off our brunch, we ordered the foie gras with toast and the cold cuts with Iberico ham. I was very impressed that the bread slices provided with the cold cuts were smothered with tomato and a hint of sea salt, something classically Spanish which enhances the flavour of the bread. Foie gras certainly isn’t a typical Spanish dish but it was tasty nonetheless with the berry jam already on top.


For our 4 tapas to share between the two of us, we had the scallop salad ceviche, tortilla (omelette) with codfish, croquettes and the ham and truffle bikini (toasted sandwich).

The scallop ceviche with crispy shallots on a bed of avocado tasted incredibly fresh and melted in your mouth. This dish just looked incredible when it arrived on our table.


The ham and truffle bikini with mozzarella and rocket really hit the spot. The toast itself was perfectly crisp and the cheese to meat to bread ratio was spot on. You could also taste the truffles!


The codfish and pepper tortilla had a generous amount of fish and is probably one of the best tortilla I have had in Hong Kong. It was cooked perfectly with enough flavour to keep it interesting but not overwhelmingly fishy.


We were quite happy to be served 2 croquettes as we were slowly getting full and with the upcoming main, we were wondering whether we could eat all of this. The croquettes were wrapped with tissue thin Iberico ham which complemented the cheesy and crispy croquettes.


For our mains, we had the pan fried seabass and slow cooked suckling pig. The seabass’ skin could have been a bit crispier and I couldn’t really taste the ham and tomato crust but otherwise I cannot fault the dish. The vegetables were in a seafood, butter sauce which balanced the dish out.


The suckling pig had the perfect crispy layer of skin and the colouful cauliflower made the dish interesting, although the vegetables needed more seasoning.


For our sweet ending, we had the Lemon tart and the Crema Catalana. The menu does stipulate that the Crema Catalana is Fofo’s own take on the dish so I was expecting something a bit different. This dessert is traditionally served in a clay pot just like a crème brulée where you have to break the sugary layer. Fofo’s version was in a small bowl with berries and honey combs, however the classic rich cream with orange zest was still there as the base- great dessert!


The Lemon tart had a nice thin crust and very tart taste with the lemon and berries, I liked this one as well although my friend would have liked this a bit sweeter to balance out the tartness. I have heard amazing things about their churros so have this in my sights for next time!


Verdict: From the sophisticated décor, the peak facing location, the friendly and attentive service (even with the service charge we tipped as it was so good) to the authentic and appetising food, everything was spot on for this brunch and amazing value for how much food we got. Still think dinner would be too expensive, but I’d definitely come back for another brunch.


20/F, M88, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central
Ph: 852 2900 2009




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