Kyozasa: A homely Japanese restaurant

I have been to Kyozasa many times and it never fails to deliver a tasty meal. I came here for the first time for my friend’s farewell dinner. It seems to be a very popular place amongst expat Japanese and rightly so, they have all the favourites on the menu from sashimi and sushi, salad to yakitori, tempura and katsu curry.

Luckily I had managed to book a table for 4 people on a Friday night earlier in the day as it was totally packed at 8pm with more walk-ins waiting at the front. So be sure to make a reservation.

Whilst we waited for the last member of the party to join we ordered a couple of rice dishes as we were absolutely starving. The first we went for was Oyakodon (sorry! was too hungry and forgot to take a photo) but the egg was perfectly runny and the chicken seasoned really well. The second was grilled unagi rice, but would have preferred a bit more sauce.


Finally our table was complete and we ordered their mixed tempura, sometimes tempura can go very very wrong, but Kyozasa’s was fresh from the fryer yet did not leave an oily taste in the mouth. There was a mixture of Japanese sweet potato, prawns (absolutely delicious as it was not tenderised with bicarb of soda as many restaurants in Hong Kong are), okra, taro and Japanese pumpkin. This was served with the usual tempura dipping sauce with some grated raddish. Looking back at the photos it seems we ordered a lot of deep fried dishes, but all of these were equally on par with the tempura.

Next up came the croquettes filled with soft and fluffy mash potato and small pieces of Kobe beef (almost minced pieces), the flavour from the beef was nice, if only there were a few more pieces of beef.

The third photo is of soft shell crab tempura, the crab and batter itself is not seasoned so it was quite plain in flavour however it comes served with a dish of salt and Japanese mayo. Definitely better when dipped in both. Not as crispy as I had hoped.

Our last dish was salmon belly that melted in your mouth, the skin was pan fried until crisp and although looks quite plain, it was seasoned very well.


We were in the mood for sake to wash down all the fried food, but none of us had any idea on which one to choose. Although the restaurant was packed, one of the Japanese staff very kindly took the time and patience to explain the flavour of the sake and asked us what type we were looking for. Finally deciding on a light and easy drinking sake, he suggested 八海山.
This was definitely easy drinking and very smooth, would recommend choosing this one for those not sure on their sake.



Verdict: As always, I will be returning to Kyozasa. I’m going to be honest, the food here is not perfectly amazing, mind blowing, out of this world, but it is a modest and reliable family run place. It’s always good to support the small businesses of Hong Kong.
There’s a bit of everything on the menu so something for everyone whether it be cooked or raw, and a good choice of Japanese drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Prices are pretty reasonable too. Per person was around $250 including drinks. Next time I’d like to try the sashimi and sushi to compare.


Kyozasa, 1/F, Po Fung Building, 32-34 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tel: 2376 1888
Closest MTR exit Exit A1, Tsim Sha Tsui / East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station


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