Bond – Tai Hang’s great getaway

Us Foodbabies absolutely LOVE the hip and chilled restaurant vibe in Tai Hang. The area that was once famous for its car repair shops, now has a few great restaurants and bars with none of the hectic Central/Soho atmosphere.

This weekend, to celebrate the somewhat sunny weather, we headed over to Bond. Neatly hidden on the second floor above Second Draft (for the entrance go round the side street where the temple is), this restaurant’s mantra is to ‘bond’ the local community with a friendly unpretentious style and eclectic menu at affordable prices. The décor is very sleek with grey hues and metal surfaces complete with a bar fully lined with top label drinks, the other half of the restaurant has a casual terrace area with some greenery.


Our first experience was dinner with some drinks and much to our delight, Bond offers buy one get one free happy hour from 5pm to 10:30pm on wines, beers and spirits!!! Can’t get better than that!


A brown bag of Bond’s homemade bread is offered to every table. We had to restrain ourselves from finishing off the whole bag, the selection is great and really tastes fresh.

We started off with the burrata cheese with Italian Tomatoes. The burrata itself was very creamy, hard to go wrong with this dish although we did find ourselves comparing it to Serge et Le Phoque which is just incomparable as they order the tomatoes from Japan. Bond’s effort was very satisfying however.


An absolute must order is Bond’s signature table side spaghetti cooked in a 24 month Parmesan cheese wheel. The cheesy aroma is enough to make you drool, but watching the wheel being torched and the cooked spaghetti getting lathered in cheese is just heavenly!


The pasta itself is gorgeous but I found the truffle flavour somewhat lacking.


The slow cooked suckling pig also impressed us. Crispy on the outside and very tender inside, the green apples also complemented the dish very well! I was hoping for a more generous serving of mashed potatoes rather than a light smear on the board that we got, but we did order quite heavy food so this was probably for the best. A moment on the lips as they say….


To end the night, we had the gorgeous Key Lime pie. The Graham cracker crust had just the right density and richness. Great way to end the night!


Our second outing was a group brunch. We had caught a glimpse of the brunch menu during our last dinner and just had to try it. Bond offers a set brunch menu; appetizer buffet that includes 17 dishes, main and dessert for 258 HKD + 128 HKD for free flow wine, Prosecco and beers. Note that you cannot alternate between drinks, probably why I didn’t have a trace of a hangover.


This time we sat in the terraced area basking in HK’s recently rare sunlight. One very nice touch was that they provided mosquito repellant for our table.

As well as the 17 dishes to choose from the appetizer buffet, we were given mugs of cauliflower soup, albeit not extraordinary and too hot for this weather but tasty nonetheless. The homemade bread is always a winner though.

Instead of pastas, we ordered the rib eye, rack of lamb, salmon steak and German pork knuckle with sauerkraut. All of the dishes were decent, but as they came at different times, the salmon did get cold in the meantime. Two of us had to swap the rib eyes as they were not exactly cooked to how we ordered, the same inconsistency with the lamb unfortunately. The feedback on the pork knuckle and the second rack of lamb was that they were great. Shame it wasn’t consistent for all the dishes.



We had another visit to the appetizer buffet as it also included desserts. Unfortunately by the time we got there, we saw that the chocolate mousse had run out. I mentioned this to the waiter and he very graciously offered to give us our own desserts. He came moments later with a Key Lime pie and a layered chocolate and rum cake. Both were stunning, although maybe it was the fact that I had been having free flow but I couldn’t really taste any rum in the chocolate cake (ermmm alcoholic much?). Having said this, it was dense and rich enough for my taste so really hit the spot.


Verdict: I have read some hit and miss reviews on Bond specifically with regards to the service. I must admit, the restaurant does seem understaffed, however particularly when we went for brunch, our waiter was not only friendly but made sure us ‘free flow-ers’ had topped up glasses throughout and even enough shade to sit in. The staff did go above and beyond for us which turned a good meal into a great one. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience, decent food at reasonable prices- I would definitely come again!



2/F Little Tai Hang, 98 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Tai Hang Hong Kong

Ph: 852 2155 1777


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