New Kid on the Block – Tsukemen at Zagin

This place is more of a new baby having only been open for a month, Zagin is fresh from Osaka. Located on King Kwong Street in the heart of Happy Valley, this is their first Hong Kong store.

There’s been a lot of Japanese food chain first-in-Hong Kong openings, so you’re probably wondering, is it worth trekking over to HV just for a bowl of noodles?

I’d say yes, the ramen and tsukemen that Zagin are serving up are completely different. Usually the soup base would be made from pork bone or fish. Zagin make their super rich and flavoursome broth with chicken. Although on the pricy side at $138 for ramen and $148 for tsukemen the restaurant has a more up market and spacious feel with attentive service.


Enough of the menus, here’s the actual bowls! We ordered the original chicken ramen and tsukemen, both were served with a slice of chicken and pork that have been slow cooked in a low temperature to retain the flavour, then topped off with freshly deep fried burdock strips.

The noodles were cooked just right, with cold noodles for the tsukemen and thin noodles in the ramen. The soup was quite rich (possibly a bit too rich for 11.30 in the morning!). But it was all the more delicious, not too salty and had a strong chicken flavour from the hours of cooking also giving it a milky colour.

I was in the mood for something crispy so we tried the deep fried chicken that was served golden brown and seasoned nicely, again not too salty as it was served with pink salt on the side. There were 3 large pieces so it’s good for sharing (or not!).

As most tsukemen is eaten, the server very kindly informed us that hot soup could be added if it gets cold and that clear broth can be added if I wanted to drink it afterwards.


Verdict: definitely the most expensive tsukemen and ramen I’ve tried but the space was really comfortable and you get service that always lacks in ramen bars. Worth a try as there aren’t many places serving chicken soup varient.

Enjoy! Share some photos if you manage to try it out. Whilst we were there we spotted the HK celebrity Shawn Yue, his film Mad World is currently showing in cinemas. Amazing film worth a watch as well – giving you an insight in to mental health and social problems existing in Hong Kong today.


Address: G/F 13A King Kwong Street, Happy Valley, opens 11.30am – 10.30pm


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