Disappointment at Dragon noodles Academy

Newly opened and highly anticipated, Dining Workshop has opened their modern dim sum and noodle restaurant, Dragon noodles Academy conveniently close to my office, so I had to check it out! The venue is surprisingly sizable and was absolutely packed for lunch.

We were all quite dazzled with the décor. The entrance aptly has a bright gold dragon greeting you as you walk in and lion heads dotted along the dining room staring down at you. The long kitchen overlooks a big portion of the dining room, so guests can take a peek at the chefs noodle and dim sum creations.


The menu is extensive and quite overwhelming! They have contemporary dim sum dishes, an array of meat and fish dishes including Peking duck to be carved at the table, plenty of salad and vegetable dishes as well as noodles (their specialty as the name suggests). If you want to check it out, click the link below:



Unfortunately, our party can’t share food so we ordered our own dishes. Our vegetarian unfortunately had very little to choose from despite the fact that we ushered a waitress over to help us out. She seemed a bit clueless which made her rush off to seek assistance. This assistance came in the form of the manager who barely spoke any English. He pointed at some dishes but was barely coherent when doing so, apparently even in Cantonese! For my colleague with the garlic and onion intolerance, it was even worse.

Eventually, we managed to order our dishes. My quinoa chicken lo mein came first and to my surprise, the chicken was fried with a quinoa batter. The same manager could not explain to me what part of the dish was quinoa (I guessed the noodles). In the end, he told us it’s just the name which I didn’t believe for a second. Regardless, the batter was crispy and the quinoa gave it a lovely crunch. The noodle sauce was tasty but the noodles themselves were too al dente for my taste.


My colleague who got the Lobster claw soup noodles also had the same comment. Boston Lobster appears to be the favourite dish of this restaurant as they have it in a whopping 7 of their lo mein and noodle dishes alone! Her comment on their take was that she was not really impressed, her claw was covered in the same quinoa batter as my chicken and she could taste a lot of fish rather than lobster.


The shredded duck and rice vermicelli noodles were again rated average and too greasy. They forgot our vegetarian’s order of vegetable fried noodles so she only got her dish by the time we had all finished ours. The same comment came, the noodles were greasy and the dish was tasteless.


We had high hopes on one of their signature and masterfully created vegetable dishes, the baby cabbage florets with ham. The ‘flavours’ here must have been very subtle as they were completely lost on me and everyone else at the table- bland, bland, bland! On top of that, I couldn’t even cut into mine to eat it.


All was not lost as one colleague did enjoy her dish, the shredded lobster and rice with soup. This one looked the most promising when it arrived on the table and it didn’t have noodles! The comments from her were that the dish was appetizing and luckily the lobster was not fried in any batter so you could get the real flavour (picture above with the duck noodles).

Verdict: Having to part with 185 HKD each and still feeling hungry does not leave you feeling at all satisfied. The kitchen was clearly slammed with a packed dining room and an unnecessarily long menu, so much so they missed one of our dishes. This place is severely understaffed and moreover, the staff they do have barely speak English or fully understand what is on the menu! We actually headed to McDonald’s after this outing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

(a hangry) Nisha

Shop No. G04, G/F, Man Yee Arcade, Man Yee Building, No. 68 Des Voeux Road Central Ph: 852 2561 6688



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