Cheap as chips Korean hotpot

Going outside in these ‘arctic’ conditions definitely takes some effort. Most of us want to stay bundled up indoors, catch up on a Netflix series and raid the fridge rather than venturing out.

Friday night, my friends and I decided to brave Hong Kong’s cold weather for a hot pot fix. Our last hot pot adventure took us to Wan Chai where we spent 400 HKD per person, so I was requested to find a more purse friendly option this time.

Mukshidonna is a Korean brand originating from Seoul with branches in Singapore and Hong Kong. The restaurant is famous for its tteokbokki (rice cakes) and for providing very affordable food. Do not expect amazing or elaborate décor, the restaurant is very simply furnished with portable stoves on each table, yet it is comfortable.


Unfortunately, there was a big mix up with our booking. It seems they didn’t even make a note of the reservation I made nor my contact number which they had asked me for over the phone. Much to our chagrin, they told us that we had to wait behind 5 other parties. After some discussion, they eventually apologised and seated us.

On the menu, you are asked to select ingredients to go into your tteokbokki pot which is rice cakes in a spicy tomato sauce. You have the option to add cheese, ham, seafood etc. into the main pot as well as a choice of 4 different noodles. We were recommended to select at least 3 tteokbokki ingredients for our party of 4 so we chose cheese, seafood and vegetables with the ramyeon noodles, as well as vegetable and pork dumplings and boiled eggs as add-ons.



The tteokbokki pot arrived quickly and we were quite captured with how many items there were in the pot. Hot pot is usually a messy affair and instead of handing us napkins, the waitress decided aprons were more appropriate for us messy guaimos, these were so comfy, we considered having them for all future dinners.  The hot pot sauce was perfectly spiced and as we had ordered cheese with additional cheese, our spoons were left quite gooey, so it was almost half hot pot, half fondue. Although tteokbooki is meant to be the main ingredient in the pot, in my opinion, there were too many and not enough seafood (only 4 mussels and some octopus).

About 30 minutes into devouring the dish, we were given a pan of rice with sweetcorn and seaweed, which is the specialty of the restaurant. To my surprise, it was a very thin layer so the rice was beautifully browned off at the bottom and the portion was just right. Scraping some rice onto our plates, we put some of the hot pot sauce on top- this was AMAZING!


We did get a small plate of radish kimchi on the side, but my friend was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more sides available to order (apart from Gimbap). Later on, we agreed that this was not a problem as the meal was substantial enough with all the rice cakes and noodles in the pot.

Verdict: Our bill came to 115 HKD each which I felt was worth it. The ingredients are certainly not the best quality and if you fancy a hot pot place for the meat and selection of sauces, best to skip this one. If you do however want to try something new that won’t break the bank, Mukshiddona is worth a visit. Do be careful when making a reservation though!



1/F,726 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Mong Kok Ph: 852 5573 9331

1/F, Jardine Center, 50 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay Ph: 852 5505 1112


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