Plat du Jour – Afternoon Tea

When I think of afternoon tea with those dainty miniature sized sandwiches and cakes, I think this isn’t going to fill me up. But then after the second layer of food I remember just how filling it can be.

I decided to try out the afternoon tea for two at Plat du Jour  in Pacific Place which is served from 3.30pm-5.30pm at $280 (total price not per person) including coffee or tea and you have the option to add $100 for two glasses of sparkling wine.

There were plenty of seats at 4pm on a Saturday so our afternoon tea set came quite quickly, I had ordered mine with a mocha that came in a surprisingly large glass.

The afternoon tea came in three rectangular,  two-layered wooden displays with two portions of everything.


The savory portion was definitely my favourite, working my way from the top there was a shot glass of lobster bisque which was rich in flavour and texture (we wished there was more of it), a small pot of pâté with a champagne jelly layer, however there was no bread served with this. We asked our server and she happily brought us a warm bread basket at no additional charge. Next on the bottom layer were 2 thin and long cheese breadstick that had been slightly warmed to be eaten together with three slices of tightly rolled up salami. On to the second savoury tray of the bottom layer was a piece of smoked salmon topped on a small slice of pumpernickel that was too dry making it fall apart (only one of this).

By this point I was starting to feel the space in my stomach getting smaller and smaller but I’ve got that handy second stomach for dessert! So on to the final tray in the middle, however it was just… meh. Everything was very nicely presented in little pots and glasses but slightly disappointing. The macaroon was dry like it had been sitting out for too long, the panna cotta was too firm where all the vanilla beans had sunk to the bottom and even the small spoon couldn’t reach it, the chocolate mousse was just normal as was the mini meringue, the best out of all these was the baba au rhum, sticky syrup on the outside and soft cake in the middle.

Verdict: if you fancy a relatively well priced afternoon tea compared to a hotel version then this isn’t all that bad a choice. But don’t expect made to order freshness. Maybe if you go at the beginning of the afternoon tea session it would be better. Don’t let this put you off going for lunch or dinner though as it’s consistently good in both the quarry bay and PP branch.


Pacific Place LG1 (by the escalators in between Peking Garden and Le Pain Quotidien) Afternoon tea served from 3.30om to 5.30pm

Also located in Quarry Bay, 21 Hoi Wan Street




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