The best food I ate in 2016 (in HK)

What a year it has been for new restaurant openings and great food experiences in Hong Kong.
We started Foodbabyhk this year and are so grateful to our readers. To celebrate and reminisce about our wonderful experiences, we asked a few people what their favourite food of 2016 has been.

Braised Chicken in Abalone Sauce, Lei Garden

Moeava, Plateculture chef and foodie (

There’s something about perfectly cooked chicken feet that really measures a great dim sum chef. In most places, the chicken feet are over cooked and the whole foot falls to pieces. Bones sticking out, skin falling off and more bones than meat. But Lei Garden just pull all their s*** together every time. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and savoury with a delicious thick abalone sauce. Then the added peanuts just give this beautiful nutty flavour. The chicken foot itself is beautiful, meaty and whole. Chicken feet is one of those dishes I use to judge how good a dim sum chef is and they just have the best!


Eggplant (aubergine), Serge et le Phoque

Nishita, Foodie (IG: @n_ish)

Serge et Le Phoque was chosen as the ‘Last Supper’ venue before a good friend departed to Singapore. A sad occasion temporarily forgotten as soon as we entered the restaurant; thanks to their chic warm ambiance and friendly staff. Their seasonal menu had our mouths drooling as we struggled to decide what we should order while the staff kindly accommodated our dietary requirements (Allergic to dairy & gluten) .  Contemporary french cuisine never looked so good with each dish beautifully plated and Instagram worthy. I was pleasantly surprised by the Eggplant glazed with Soy and sesame seed appetizer. Fresh, tender and almost bouncy, the eggplant was cooked to perfection, allowing it to melt in your mouth, topped off with a nutty sesame crunch. A texture I hadn’t enjoyed or even imagined when it came to Eggplant!


Raclette, friends’ Christmas dinner gathering

Nisha, Foodbabyhk writer (IG: foodbaby_hk)

I have eaten at MANY fantastic restaurants this year but I have to pick raclette cheese from a pot luck dinner. This certainly wasn’t the first time I had tried Fromage a Raclette, but the version my friend brought to a Christmas party was spectacular! That perfect brown crust of cheese that you get when it has been put under intense heat was to die for! Our friend rented a raclette machine from Monsieur Chatté and we were good to go. We had the cheese with a baguette, potatoes and charcuterie from Catalan as accompaniments. The raclette was definitely the main feature of the night with all of us crowding around the machine waiting for our turn to taste the nutty yet milky  (and not at all chewy) deliciousness. An absolutely memorable cheese filled night!


Zen Garden, Tate Dining Room & Bar

Anthony, Foodie

For any special occasion you want to be wowed, the ‘Zen Garden’ definitely did just that. For my wedding anniversary my wife booked a table at Tate Dining Room & Bar, located in the quieter part of the SoHo area (it exists!). The restaurant is tastefully decorated and has a warm welcoming vibe. There is an open kitchen located at the back so you can see everything being made if seated close enough.
We had the 6 course menu which featured a fusion of French and Japanese ingredients and cooking styles, all very beautiful presented.
The Zen Garden was presented as the finale of our anniversary meal and each component was delicate with well thought out flavours. The bed of the garden was granulated sugar with its own mini sand rake and on top 2 portions of miniature desserts: matcha opera cake, passion fruit puree marshmallow, black sesame truffle and hazelnut rocher.


Lamb Madras, Mala’s Fusion Cuisine

Emma, foodie

This place has a giant menu with cuisine from Italy, Mexico, USA, India….. Which seems bizarre, yet they can do it in their tiny kitchen. Their standout dish was by far the Lamb Madras, very tender without being too overpowering and with fresh flavours coming from the cumin and coriander.

The owner was friendly and very attentive. It’s a cozy fit though so better for two people! We’d come here again just for the huge variety of cuisines so for any casual occasion this would work well.

Salty Egg Yolks and Tofu Ice Cream, ATUM

Cathy, Foodie

This place has great service and all the dishes are beautifully presented. We came here for a special occasion and you’d think it was fine dining but it’s totally affordable. The entire meal was delicious, however the dessert was definitely the winner.
The combination of salty egg yolks, which is a well known Chinese delicacy together with another Chinese classic tofu worked so well together with just the right amount of saltiness coming through.
Everyone knows sea salt goes well with chocolate, but this twist of Chinese ingredients makes the dish really special. 


Braised Pork Japanese Curry, Campers

Vinyee, Foodbabyhk writer

I don’t think I’ve gone on about a dish as much as this one.
This is a seriously satisfying, tasty plate of food, just looking at the photo makes my mouth water! The braised pork is a pull-apart texture served with Japanese style curry, vegetables and rice.
The restaurant has queues almost every time I go,so if you want to avoid a wait then go during the evenings as they open till 10pm. The theme is based around camping, although not sure I’ve eaten this well whilst camping, but I think the idea is home cooking. The servers are dressed in plaid and denim and the walls are covered in wooden boards to add to that warm rustic feel.


Hope you enjoyed our best of 2016 round up of dishes and thanks to the foodbabies that contributed!

Happy New Year Foodbabies!  



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