Contemporary hot pot at Megan’s Kitchen

It is the first day of December. Winter is officially here! My friend has been begging me for months for hot pot and finally the weather is perfect for such a culinary outing. As any foodie does, I did my research and came across Katte Shabushabu. Unfortunately, when I called them for a reservation, they insisted on 450 HKD minimum spend per person on a Wednesday night! As I had no intention of drinking, I went to my second choice which was Megan’s Kitchen in Wan chai.

We were unfortunately seated at a square table and not a rounded one. This is usually fine, however a hot pot table is quite large so the 4 of us felt that interaction was difficult.

Upon being seated, the waitress placed 4 pieces of thousand year eggs and cucumber pickles on the table. These are not complimentary (although it isn’t obvious and they won’t inform you), so we quickly asked them to remove the dishes. This did become a theme of the night, do be careful of all the add ons that creep onto your table and your bill.

2016-12-01 14.29.03.jpg

The second add on were the sauces and condiments. We were given a selection of garlic, onion, spring onion, sesame seeds etc. The sauces included sesame seed, XO sauce, chili and fried garlic flakes. Please be aware that this will cost you 100 HKD for 4 people.

2016-12-01 14.29.26.jpg

This restaurant boasts quite quirky soup bases including the famous Tom Yum Cappuccino (made of coconut milk and a sprinkling of chocolate on top) and the Tomato and Crab soufflé. We played it safe and chose the Malaysian Satay and Japanese Miso Tofu which the waitress told us ‘is popular with foreigners’. What is great about this place is that they do give the option of your own pot, if you don’t like sharing or want to make a daring soup base choice. If you like a lot of the soup bases, you can go up to 3 choices between your group.


The dishes were served very promptly onto our table- vegetable platter, rainbow cuttlefish balls, ½ portion of beef and truffle and ½ portion of kimchi dumplings, tofu sheets and the beef slices.

I particularly enjoyed the dumplings and the rainbow cuttlefish. I am not usually a huge fan of fish balls as they taste so processed, but these had a great flavour to them. The truffle and beef dumplings went down a storm and you could taste the truffle even after all the flavours from the hot pot. One comment from my friend was that the beef slices were tasty but would have been better had they been cut thinner. Megan’s Kitchen does have a very long list of beef options, so be sure to ask your server which they recommend. We chose the snowpeak which was less fatty.

We did have a second order of tofu sheets and some more dumplings (ravioli and pork and cabbage), although I think we ordered the best ones on the menu at the start so I would recommend these.

Verdict: the unique soup bases are enough to entice me back to Megan’s kitchen as well as the reasonable prices (300 HKD per person not inclusive of drinks). Do be careful to check the menu as I discovered they charged us for tea that we never had, but were quick to rectify the mistake. Overall, this was a pleasant experience and worth coming back to.


2016-12-01 14.31.06.jpg


5/F, Lucky Centre,165-171 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai Ph: 852 2866 8305

Opening Hours

Mon.-Sun. 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:30



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