Dreadful Dim Sum Icon

Against my better judgment, we went to Dim sum icon for lunch this week. This gimmicky dim sum restaurant has been frequented by many instagrammers and I was interested to see what all the hype was about beyond the pictures and videos of course.

The IG cardboard cutout almost hits you in the face on the way down the stairs. I was already unimpressed with the tackiness of this place with cartoon character knick knacks sprawled all over the entrance. I had made a reservation for 5 and they placed us on bar stools and a high table, one of which was so wobbly I was nervous the entire time.

The décor truly confused me. After looking at the menu, it appeared that this appealed to children but I could not find a single area that was child friendly. Needless to say people just had their phones out to take pictures of this ridiculous looking food.


Instead of boring you with an analysis of each and every dish we chose, I will say that of the ones we ate, I could not say I liked a single one. A travesty to the art of dim sum. More bun than filling left us truly unsatisfied and our one veggie guest had very little to choose from.  Everything just tasted bland, oily with a very unappetizing appearance mostly due to the edible stickers and candy eyes.

Verdict: After this outing, we all had the look of disappointment across our faces. At 170 HKD per person for such an awful lunch we felt truly cheated. Not only that, we bought a box so as not to waste the mountain of food we didn’t touch. If you want fun and cute dim sum for the kids, try the Disney resort restaurant or Yum Cha for better quality food that adults can enjoy.


B/F, Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central Ph: 852 28071682 http://www.facebook.com/DIMSUMICON




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