Snake Soup – A Winter Warmer (Snake King, 蛇王良)

At last Hong Kong is no longer humid, sticky and hot! The cooler weather usually calls for a bowl of hot soup but for me I prefer a bowl of snake soup! It’s the perfect Cantonese delicacy for the winter season.

I’m a regular patron of a small family run shop located in Fortress Hill specialising in all things snake – snake soup, snake eggs, herbal snake medicine – just to name a few.
When I was taken to try my very first bowl of snake soup 4 years ago, I was sceptical but intrigued at the same time.

The menu is simple, displayed on the shop wall with photos along with coiled snakes in jars of liquid neatly lined up. I usually go for the set which includes a small bowl of snake soup and rice with Chinese sausage and vegetables. There are a total of 4 sets to choose from in including my usual, all come with a bowl of snake soup and you can choose between braised lamb, glutinous rice or pork and vegetable rice.

Snake Soup



On the table you’ll see 2 stainless steel canisters – one contains shredded lemongrass and the other, dough crisps to add to the snake soup. In the soup apart from the obvious shredded snake meat, there is fungus, lemon leaf, ginger and a blend of various spices.


Verdict: A must try if you haven’t before, go for the set meals as a small bowl of soup may not be enough for lunch or dinner. There is the option to switch to a medium or large bowl.



Address:  蛇王良, Shop A, G/F 298 Electric Road, North Point


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