Mama Malouf – A Middle Eastern Feast

I came across Mama Malouf whilst waiting for a table next door at Catch. So a couple of weeks later I decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is quite small, seating around 20 people so be sure to make a booking. When we arrived we were seated at a small table in the corner which had unessasrily too many cushions for an area that was already cramped.

On to the menu, after the first 3 pages we wanted to try a lot of the dishes and after deciding on the final 3 dishes we turn to the last page and realised there was a set. This seemed perfect as it had all the dishes we originally wanted to try and priced at a reasonable $300 per person. When we came to order our server informed us this is meant to be for 4 people or more and that we couldn’t order it – but no where on the menu does it state that. We knew it was a lot of food for 2 people so asked if we could take away what we couldn’t finish which our server said was totally fine. However he went on to insist we couldn’t order the set and that we weren’t supposed to order for just 2 people. Finally after much persuading, he eventually allowed us to order the set and suggested we take out one main to make it more manageable but still charge us the same price which made no sense at all. By this point we turned from hungry to hangry so did not want to waste anymore time disputing it.

The set consisted of:

Starters: A dips plate with flat bread including houmus, labaneh and baba ganoush.


Falafel – quite dry and hard luckily there was plenty of yoghurt covering them.


Tabouleh (90% of this was parsley! You would have thought they served us the garnish plate!?)


Vegetable and lamb filo wrapped pastries with a yoghurt dip.


Mains: Chicken skewers with rice – this was so succulent, not dry at all – perfectly cooked.


Slow cooked lamb – very tender!


Side: Roast potatoes – crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside.

Dessert: 3 types of Baklava – great finish to the meal with just the right amount of sweetness.


Verdict: The mains are reason to return to Mama Malouf however the starters were a bit of a let down. The real downside which put a sour note on the entire evening was the service and attitude of our particular server- this really needs to be improved. To top it off when clearing our table our server made a remark saying next time we would know how much to order – maybe I’m being sensitive or took it the wrong way, but keep these comments to yourself next time, it’s rude and unprofessional. So if you want to be patronised on your ordering then this is the place for you.


Address: 93G/F Catchick Street, Kennedy Town

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 6pm-12am, Friday – Sunday 12pm – 3pm, 6pm-12am.


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