Kasa- healthy Asian takeaway

Wellington street is full to the brim with quick and convenient lunch options. This week, I chose Kasa which opened its Central branch in August and offers healthy, MSG free Chinese food- hallelujah!

Their lunch set deal is a mere 68 HKD for 3 boxes. The boxes are divided into 3 categories (proteins, fibres and carbs) and sample dishes are on display so you can conveniently gauge portion sizes.

As I was attempting to be healthy after my lunch time workout, I went for 2 proteins (salmon and tomato frittata) and 1 fibre (broccoli salad).

To my surprise, they have seating upstairs but it remains self-serve as most of the staff are in the open kitchen. It was a mere 5 minutes wait before I was served my meal in a long, compact box (even got to test my numbers in Cantonese).


Out of all the dishes, the salmon was the definite winner as it was perfectly seared, just wish it was a bit hotter! The frittata was tasty but a little too sweet for me and lastly the broccoli salad was appetizing but slightly dry. Overall though, a satisfying and interesting meal!

Verdict: I would be keen to try their other dishes, as Kasa offers a unique healthy lunch, there are only so many times you can eat salad! Their price point is quite competitive for such quality ingredients and I can see this place becoming more and more popular.


G/F, 61 Wellington Street, Central Ph: 852 2868 6864


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