My tai tai- Goldstein gimmick

The self-titled celebrity chef, Harlan Goldstein has been on a restaurant opening rampage on Lyndhurst terrace this year. After Ee da le, he has now tried his hand at Thai.

From the impressive décor and Thai service (servers will repeat Thai greetings upon entrance) your expectations are VERY high. We headed on over this week as they have introduced a lunch set. Lucky for us as the dinner prices look a bit steep for a Thai restaurant, with so much local competition, I was intrigued to see what made this one different, apart from Harlan’s backing.


The executive Chef of my Tai Tai is a native of Thailand and served 10 years under Harlan’s tutelage, so I was ready to experience some real authentic Thai flavours with a twist.

Their lunch set generously provides 3 starters to share. We have a few dietary requirements which unfortunately got lost in translation. In the end, they brought us a mixture of starters as the waitress assumed two of us were vegetarian (which is not the case).


Nevertheless, our first starter, the decidedly vegetarian rice rolls were exceedingly fresh and flavourful. I am a big fan of coriander but know that this may not suit everyone.


They brought us one skewer of pork due to the miscommunication, which was apparently very tasty! Shame I didn’t get one….

Our waitress swapped the pomelo and prawn salad for the pomelo salad. I like to think I can handle some spice, but this one made my tongue numb, way too much chilli in the sauce. We were worried we were not going to be able to appreciate our mains.


As my colleague cannot eat garlic or onion, they provided her with a fried rice stack with shrimp which she described as bland mostly because the two prawns on top were overcooked.


My vegetarian colleague ordered the red tofu and vegetable curry with rice a la carte which she found tasty but it was perhaps because she watched us finishing the starters before she could get her main. Please note they charge you extra for the rice!


Finally, we received our set lunch mains (15 minutes after 2 of us got mains). We ordered the braised duck soup and as I do not eat beef but fancied a curry, they made me a chicken curry with coconut rice. My colleague commented that they could have removed the bones from her duck to make it easier to eat and that she didn’t believe such a simple dish fit the décor of the restaurant. My curry was tasty but I was expecting more flavour and better presentation. The red curry taste was almost ‘washed down’ with cream.


I suspect because of the big mix up, the waitress gave us desserts for free as it was not mentioned on the menu. I am not a huge fan of Thai desserts except for sticky mango rice. Our rice pudding with coconut was merely satisfactory, very bland in flavour and too heavy as I had just had a whole bowl of coconut rice!


Verdict: For 148 HKD +10% for the set lunch, we all agreed that we could get better from a local Thai restaurant and not have such confusion over the orders. Hats off to the interior designer, but I do not see myself coming back to my Tai Tai unless it’s to pick up tips to decorate my flat.


2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace Central Ph: 852 2896 6018


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