Bistro Seoul- classy Korean

This weekend, I was staying in the Avenue and was truly mesmerized by all the new watering holes and food haunts that have recently opened up. Lee Tung avenue has become the ‘it’ place to be for weekend brunches and just strolling through on your way to shopping in Causeway Bay. Only just a year ago it was a brand new development.

We wandered into the spacious and inviting Bistro Seoul with brass spoons and metal stools dotted around, the space is very contemporary. The menu however has all the classic Korean dishes- bibimbap, pancakes, kimchi etc.

Upon arrival, we were told the only seating was at the bar. At the moment, they are not using the upstairs dining area which I hope will change soon given the demand.

We were given 3 small plates of appetisers- lily root in soy sauce, pickled cucumber and radish. All very appetizing!


For mains, we decided on the veggie bibimbap, pork dumplings and Korean fried chicken.

The veggie bibimbap was served clay pot style so we were careful not to touch the bowl. It was also served with fish ball soup. Overall, the dish was tasty but I wish the egg was a bit more runny so we could have mixed it in with the rice.


The pork dumplings were buried under chopped vegetables and were absolutely delicious!


Lastly the Korean fried chicken was probably the hit of the night, although it could have been crispier, the meat however was tender.


They were definitely not stingy with the portion sizes in this place, still we managed to finish everything between the two of us! Talk about foodbaby afterwards!

The best thing about this place was the quick turnaround and great service from the bar tender, who offered us both a shot of Makgeolli at the end of our meal and was constantly topping us up (on water).

Verdict: Sitting at the bar was probably the best thing we could have done, service by the bar tender was very attentive. He knew quite a bit about the menu and all the dishes were consistently good quality. I would recommend this place for anyone who fancies a reasonably priced (200 HKD per head) Korean fix in Wan Chai. Just beware if you need a trip to the toilet, it’s quite a walk away and shared with other restaurants in the avenue.


Shop G22-23 , Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai Ph: 852 3752 2882



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