CLOSED: The Mixing Bowl- baker’s all day breakfast

I love being able to have breakfast foods whenever I like- give me Brinner any day! Muesli or porridge in the evening is a treat! So for this week’s Friday lunch, we headed to The Mixing Bowl located between Hollywood and Gough street. This area is peaceful yet very central as it only took us 5 minutes to get there from the office, the short uphill climb bringing on more hunger pangs.

Upon arriving, we almost thought that the place was closed, some outdoor seating and perhaps leaving the door open during lunch could have easily helped with that and given it a more welcoming feel. The space inside has a large communal table and some ‘bar’ seating as well as a chalk board listing their menu and some details on their cooking classes. Their baking classes sound AMAZING- I already saw macaroons, scones, sourdough bread, pizza and chocolate on their site, exciting stuff!


There are only 2 ladies in the kitchen, so you will need to go to the till to place your order with them. The menu has a few of the typical breakfast foods- pancakes, eggs, toast etc. We decided to order the avocado on toast (sourdough and seeded bread) and the chicken bagel.

Both dishes had that lovely homemade taste. The chicken bagel was pleasantly not dry and was seasoned very well with some rosemary. Two of us ordered the avocado toast and one asked for the poached eggs to have no runny yolk which they really took notice of. Personally, I had to put some salt on pepper on my toast as it was a bit bland.


To satisfy our sweet cravings, we decided to share a cinnamon bun which was on display at the front. This definitely hit the spot, the dough was soft and there was just enough of the icing to coat the whole bun. For the coffee, they used Bonsoy soy milk imported from Australia, so you can be assured they are using good quality ingredients.

Verdict: The Mixing bowl has great potential to be a great day time hangout. If only they had a lunch set! Everything is a la carte so not really enticing to the lunch crowds. I am very intrigued by their afternoon tea set at only 70 HKD for their buttery scones and tea and their wide range of baking classes!


G/F, 5 Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan Ph: 852 2524 0001



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