Mama san Monday

Who doesn’t love a long weekend? Our extra day of relaxation made us particular hungry especially after our various weekend activities (mine was climbing up Sharp Peak so I was famished!) We headed to Mama san to take advantage of their super Mondays deal of 6 main dishes for the price of 3.

This restaurant sits opposite LKF Tower on Wyndham street, so it’s in a prime location. The décor hints at Balinese with dark wooden furniture and Indonesian women painted on the walls, however I found the space too dark. Particularly, when you need to pick bones out of a fish, you would appreciate as much light as possible (also better for taking pictures).  The concept on their site mentions that this is a place where you can ‘lounge in style’, I would have to disagree with this one. The environment is not nearly as warm enough as it needs to be for any lounging and personally, I found the tables uncomfortably high.

The menu is fairly extensive, so you will have to take a break from conversation to take in all the dishes on offer. Not all the dishes are Indonesian, it is a hodge podge of Asian dishes- Indian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian….a bit confusing when the décor is hinting at Balinese.

For starters, we ordered the scallop ceviche with shaved coconut and the seafood platter. The scallop dish was deliciously light and sweet with the coconut sprinkled on top, excellent as a starter. The platter was a bit disappointing, with only 2 types of seafood on there- prawns and sashimi of which the prawns were slightly overcooked.



We ordered some cheeky happy hour cocktails which were   beautifully presented and received praise from our table.

The mains came quite promptly- crispy pork knuckle, beef in rice pancakes, grilled snapper (served in 2 different styles) and Keralan prawn curry and red chicken curry with vegetables served with coconut rice.

Unfortunately, the main dishes were too much like the starters-  hit and miss.

The pork knuckle had hardly any meat on there and was not at all succulent, one style of the grilled snapper was extremely dry and full of bones (I am generally fine with this IF the fish is tasty). The DIY beef pancakes were a pleasant surprise, dipping the raw pancake into a bowl of water to soften them up and making your own was a different experience. Both curries were winners and really hit the spot. The Keralan style curry tasted quite authentic with a hint of tamarind for contrasting sweetness as it really did pack a punch. Also, the second snapper dish with sweet sauce was nicely cooked, you could get some soft pieces of the meat as it included the head.






Verdict: With the super Mondays special plus their happy hour on cocktails, we ended up paying 230 HKD per person which was very reasonable given how much we ordered which ties into their concept of affordable eating. Unfortunately, we could not get a single smile from our waitress and she seemed to be very irritated the entire night. In addition the food was not consistent, you have to make sure you choose the right dishes as some are just not up to par. I left Mama san with mixed feelings.

1/F, 46 Wyndham Street, Central Ph: 852 2881 8901




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