Heavenly Himalaya

Every Friday, I struggle to accommodate some dietary requirements we have in our ladies lunch group. One being veggie (fairly simple) and another being allergic to garlic and onion (not so simple) certainly limits the options. Both being quite averse to spicy food makes it all the more challenging when pushing for Indian food. This week I persevered however.

For lunch, I chose Himalaya restaurant which has 2 branches in Hong Kong island. One in Central and one in Wan Chai.

Their lunch set comes in at 98 HKD for a ‘starter’ and a main course thali of 3 curries, basmati rice and 2 plain naans. They have a choice between their Indian set lunch and Indo Chinese set lunch. Plenty of options!

For the ‘starter’ we had a choice of yellow dahl and tomato soup. I chose the dahl which was very hearty, filling and not spicy at all yet flavourful.


You have a wide choice for what you want on the thali. We chose Chicken tikka masala, Butter Chicken and one Indo-Chinese paneer with vegetables.

The Indian thalis came with aloo gobi, tandoori chicken with salad and the curry we chose on the menu. The portion sizes were huge and they even put an extra bowlful of garlic naan on the table. The Indo Chinese thali came with raitha (yoghurt with cucumber and spices) and basmati rice.




One thing that truly impressed me was how accommodating they were to all our needs. The quality of the meat is very good, with all the chicken dishes being spot on. Also one thing that really gets me with Indian restaurants is how much oil they put in the dishes. Himalaya doesn’t overdo it, unlike Bombay Dreams in Central. I was satisfied but not dying on the way back to the office with all the oil in my stomach.

Verdict: I have been to a number of Indian restaurants on the island and almost all have disappointed me in one way or another. Be it service, or lack of flexibility (Bindaas), or poor quality of food (Tulsi). Himalaya is one of the very few I will visit on the island for its consistency and varied menu. I would highly recommend their momos (Nepalese dumplings), chicken tikka and Saag paneer.


G/F, 13 Elgin Street, Soho, Central Hong Kong Ph: 852 2547 9998

1/F A 22-30 Taiwong Street, East Wanchai Hong Kong Ph: 852 2527 5899




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