Electric avenue- best burger in Hong Kong?

This TINY hole in the wall burger joint has been open for a mere 7 weeks, which makes it all the more impressive that it has made its mark on the Blogesphere and garnered some rave reviews from a certain public review site.

A friend and I decided to go as it’s just a stone’s throw away from us. Hidden in an alley just off of Sai Ying Pun’s First Street, this one can be hard to find at first. The owner, a gentleman from Brixton, decided to open this joint as he was frustrated with the meagre offerings in Hong Kong and the diminishing quality of those once great burger places. With a focus on QUALITY ingredients, Electric Avenue aims to bring a more flavoursome burger to your plate.

We ordered one chicken burger with Italian cheese, parma ham and a fried egg and another chicken burger ‘carbonara’ style. We ordered both their rosemary fries and their thicker, bone marrow chips (yes, I am calling them chips).

This restaurant is fairly new so at the moment, the owner appears to be doing everything himself. He explained how he had painstakingly taken 5 hours to prepare the chips, the burger patties etc. so do not be surprised if there is a fairly long waiting time to get the burgers out. Hopefully once the kinks are ironed out, there will be some efficiency.

Out of the two chicken burgers, my friend and I were in agreement that the Carbonara was the better one. The flavours were much more concentrated and fewer ingredients made this a winner. The other burger was maybe too packed.


Unfortunately, we didn’t try the famous Aussie beef burger (sorry I don’t eat beef) but we are looking forward to trying some of their upcoming ‘specials’. The owner did mention some ideas for varying meats such as lamb, crocodile, ostrich, all of which we are very intrigued by. They will retain their core menu which is the 100 ingredient Aussie beef burger and the creamy Hache chicken burger. Also, as of now they have their liquor license, so you can expect to see a range of boozy milkshakes available.

Verdict: Electric avenue is still in its early stages. The concept of good quality burgers, BYOB and the fact that you can stand in the alley, almost little Burro Block party-esque is very attractive and will keep SYP’ers coming. 130 HKD for a burger without any add ons is on the steep side, however for the quality of the ingredients, it may be worth it.  Hopefully with a little time, this joint could become great.


LG/F, Tai Yik House, 27-29 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District Ph: 852 2858 8883

Opening hours: Mon :17:00-23:00, closed on Tue, Weds to Sat: 17:00 -23:00 Sun: 17:00-22:00



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