Stack- scrumptious Sai Ying Pun breakfast

I have often walked past Stack situated on Sai Ying Pun’s Third Street and been a bit curious. The interior is more casual dining with high steel chairs and an almost bar like feeling. Moreover, whenever I go, there seems to be a private event or it is closed. The venue is usually open in the evenings with the concept of cocktails and pancakes. Also, it has many mixed reviews on Openrice- this place seems to be like Marmite (love it or hate it), I definitely wanted to check it out for myself.

Finally grabbing a reservation on Saturday, I went for brunch with some friends. Even at the time of making the reservation, they had set my expectations for the service. It was confirmed when we were there. I could barely understand the waiter at times and he was insistent that our party had to sit in a certain way around the ‘bar’ where we couldn’t face each other. He was still adamant when there was no one near us, his inflexibility was very off putting.

Stack brunch offers a wide choice of options such as eggs, a full English, French toast etc., however we were definitely going for the pancakes! Whoever has ordered the full English and complained about the authenticity  is obviously missing the point, this place is called Stack for a reason! We ordered the Granny Pancake and Running Honey. Both came with a choice of tea or coffee. Although, it isn’t too obvious from the menu, the other pancake options are The Benedick’s duck/Smoked Salmon and Ham and Cheese. For dinner, they have even more pancake options e.g. Frog legs and escargots pancake, seared scallop and caviar pancakes, beef tartare pancake.

Very unfortunately, my friend’s tea arrived tepid but my coffee was fine. This was ‘prepared’ by our waiter whereas the pancakes were thankfully not.

When they arrived, they looked spectacular. The Granny Pancake was 3 layers STACKed on top of one another with berries surrounding and in between the layers with a sweet berry coulis.

My running honey pancake was delicious! Just sweet enough with bite sized honey combs placed delicately on top of it and caramel drizzled on the plate. The pancake itself was just the right consistency, thick, soft and moist and not too sweet.


Verdict: I paid 60 HKD +10 % for my pancake and it was inclusive of a fairly decent coffee. My friend’s pancake was 100 HKD +10%. I would say this is very reasonable for the quality of the food and how much brunches can usually set you back. Despite the questionable service and the weird opening times, I would definitely come back to Stack, possibly to try their dinner menu. For brunch, the setting isn’t so cosy with the high chairs and neon lights being more evening appropriate. Just beware of the opening times! (Listed below for your reference).


1 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Ph: 852 25499787

Opening times: Closed on Mon & Tue Wed-Thu: 18:00-23:00 Fri: 18:30-23:30 Sat: 11:00-14:30; 18:30-23:30 Sun: 11:00-14:30; 18:30-22:30



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