Making Mooncakes! Le Festival de la Lune

Mid-Autumn Festival is just under 2 weeks away and in the run up Foodbabyhk joined their first blogger’s event making Paul Lafayet’s take on the traditional mooncake hosted in La Station, Wan Chai.

This is the second year that PL have created their version of a mooncake, and this year they have opted from the tart base to a cake base. Using an original fiancier cake base recipe, Chef Adrien showed us how it was done.

The cake base is simple making it easy to incorporate flavours from the East, and smelt even better as it was made using melted hazelnut butter which gave the cake a moist texture that could keep for longer.

Chef Adrien kindly let us try it for ourselves, piping batter into the mooncake moulds and finishing it off with a ready prepared filling. 


There were interesting flavour combinations that worked well together including Earl Grey with Chestnut, Matcha with Praline, Salted Caramel with a traditional filling of lotus paste and finally Lemon. 

Time for the fun part, decorating the cake! Four flavours, four stations – here’s how they turned out! My favourite was definitely Matcha with Praline filling a great East meets West combo in my view.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and Happy Mooncake eating!!



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