Classy and Contemporary Cuisine at The Continental


The Continental has been classed as one of the 2016 top 20 best restaurants in Hong Kong by the Tatler. Located in Admiralty with a terrace and indoor café / bar area, this restaurant certainly feels vast and reminiscent of a Grand café in France. The emerald tiles behind the bar and matching seats gives this place a spectacular glow at night. Perfect date night spot!

We headed there for dinner for our own Foodbaby Vinyee’s birthday! Unfortunately, she was bogged down with work so we ordered some wine and starters while we waited.

First came the Hokkaido scallops in a coriander -lime vinaigrette. They were beautifully cooked and very buttery. I couldn’t taste much of any coriander as the butter overpowered other flavours. This was however, very tasty!

The foie gras parfait with figs was served with cute little slices of toast. The foie gras was very well set and thick. I will say that it was quite tasteless whereas most on the table decided to go with the more PC word ‘delicate’. Either way, this was a winner with most.


My personal favourite of the starters was the carbonara pasta wrapped around an egg with a spectacularly tasty and foamy béchamel sauce with black truffle and green peas. The sauce was very light, not the usual heavy fare that comes with a carbonara. Once breaking the soft boiled egg, the yolk oozed all over the sauce….Yum!


Getting impatient and with many glasses of red washed down, we ordered the mains.

The boys ordered the steak, medium rare with a ‘variation’ of broccoli. The feedback was that the meat itself was cooked well but the sauce with stilton cheese was quite overpowering.


Another main ordered was the rack of lamb. Beautifully presented, the lamb had been smoked in apple wood and cooked in a tagine. Another comment about the meat was that the flavours were quite overpowering, I suspect it may have had too much paprika.


Finally, I ordered the Australian Cobia. Cobia is a type of fish that does not have a distinct taste so it usually takes on the flavours that it is cooked with. The fish was served with creamy grits which were what they said on the tin. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish although some may find the paprika a bit generous. This with the side dish of the  creamiest mash potatoes I have ever had was heaven!


The birthday girl finally came and we celebrated with the chocolate- Hazelnut gateaux. Vinyee’s comments were that the cake was a bit too plain in flavour although I could taste the coffee, I agree too bland.


Verdict: The Continental’s setting and atmosphere is perfect for an intimate dinner. Unfortunately, we did not get to try their famous cocktails, but we thoroughly enjoyed the wine. I would be intrigued to try the tasting menu at 650 HKD next time. 50% off dinner is definitely worth it for such a nice setting and yummy food!


Unit 406, L4 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2704 5211



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