Bread Street Kitchen – A One Hit Wonder

I’ve been meaning to try Bread Street Kitchen since the HK branch opened its doors back in May of last year, I was expecting an evening of great food.

But unfortunately I was so so wrong….
Upon being seated we were served the so called “fresh” bread which was dry and on the verge of going stale. The only good part was the butter. Quite ironic for a place called BREAD street kitchen!

For our mains, we ordered the pan fried plaice as it was one of the dishes in the “Ramsay’s Reccomendations” section and the beef cheeks.

With lowered expectations, we found the fish was merely acceptable, not much colour even though menu describes it as pan fried. The fish itself did not have much flavour but luckily the mushroom purée saved it from complete blandness. The beef cheeks however were a lot better, very tender and melted in the mouth.



Having eaten only mains with a glass of wine each and a bottle of water, our total bill came to $900+. For this price there are a lot of better options to choose from.

Verdict: If you decide to try BSK for yourself, don’t come here with high expectations. Gordon Ramsay may be a world renowned chef but he has not managed to translate that to HK (same problem as Jamie’s).  This is no reflection of the London restaurant.   I will not be returning here.


Level M, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2230 1800



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