Gym box- epic fail!

My usual routine at lunch if I can squeeze it in is a quick gym session, after which I feel like I could eat a whole chicken! I stumbled upon Gym box when I was walking down to the ATM on Bonham Strand and I was initially intrigued by the concept. Healthy, hip take away places are nothing new, with Supafood, la Rotisserie and Nood just moments away, Gym Box has hefty competition.

The sign outside advertised organic, ‘chef designed meals’ packed with protein. They have 3 set meals which include the main protein, a choice of chicken breast, fish or tofu with a side of vegetables and carbs of choice.

I chose the organic chicken, broccoli and sweet potato. I rushed back to the office to warm it up in the microwave (yes, they serve it cold).

I have to admit the look of this box when I received it was extremely unappealing. They had added some marinara sauce on everything for ‘flavour’. Not wanting to judge the meal before trying it, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I should have gone with my instincts, everything about this meal tasted processed, bland and like a terrible TV dinner. I have rarely ever done this, but I threw it away after a few bites.

Verdict: Gym box has been open for 7 weeks, I would be truly surprised if they last till the end of the year. Absolutely nothing was good about this meal and at 68 HKD I feel truly cheated. AVOID this place at all costs!


G/F, 6B Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2558 1099


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