Mimi2go- homemade, hearty Korean in Soho

On our way to check out Jinjuu, the fusion Korean everyone is talking about in California Tower, we stumbled upon a sign that read ‘MSG free, Homemade Korean’ on Old Bailey Street. Intrigued, we decided to check it out before committing to Jinjuu.

Kimi, the owner of Mimi2go frustrated with the lack of options in Hong Kong, decided to open an authentic, homemade and moreover healthy Korean restaurant to introduce people to what Koreans would eat at home. The menu includes meat as well as veggie and even vegan and gluten free options. She explained that she doesn’t eat out much as she feels it is quite unhealthy so she wanted to provide the home cooked taste and feeling to her customers.


First we chose the ‘detox’ Bibimbap and kimchi. The bibimbap had kale, seaweed, homemade radish pickle and mushrooms topped with their Yuzu spicy sauce.  The rice was very tasty, not too heavy and not at all oily as you would expect from many Korean joints. Packed with veggies, this was hugely satisfying.

Next came the plate of Spicy Korean fried chicken. We ordered medium spicy but gotta warn you, I found this hot so mild may be a better option. The chicken was served with radish pickle which Kimi explained helps with digestion, very important for oily foods. The chicken was amazingly crispy and flavourful. You could immediately tell that this was not locally bought. Kimi later confirmed that the chicken doesn’t have any hormones injected, antibiotics etc. and is Halal.  The taste was incredible!


For drinks, we ordered the lemon, mint tea which was definitely needed when having the Spicy chicken and the Burdock and Solomon Seal tea which is supposed to decrease high blood pressure, good for joints and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Verdict: The meal came to a total of 240 HKD, on the high side for how much was served. However you could definitely taste that the ingredients are good quality which makes all the difference.  I haven’t seen any Korean places with vegan, veggie and gluten free options and completely MSG free!  Kimi also delightfully and very diligent explains the idea behind the food and the benefits of each ingredient. Can’t wait to try their healthy lunch sets!


G/F, No.15 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2786 9228 www.facebook.com/mimi2go



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  1. Kimi KIM says:

    Hi, Nisha
    Thank you sooooo much for your lovely writing about MIMI2GO!!
    Hope to see you soon again with your mom!!😍❤️


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