CLOSED: Gorgeous bowls of goodness at Anything but Salads

ABS Café recently opened in ‘Poho’ near Teakha and the Oldish (reviews on foodbabyhk), the perfect location for some city detoxing. Working on the principle that vegan food is certainly not boring and doesn’t just involve salads, ABS aims to introduce you to a variety of healthy vegan choices. ABS were originally a healthy snack food store and catering company launched by founder Calista Goh, they have now branched out into a hip and healthy café.

Their launch party a few weeks ago showcased some of their very innovative and interesting dishes. The first being the spicy chow mein with shredded carrots and bok choi which had that right balance of sweet and spicy with a splash of their homemade tamarind sauce and chillis.

Next, we tried their Dandecinno which is a blend of chicory root and roasted dandelions. It was explained to us that the drink is a prebiotic, to be had before a yoghurt or a probiotic drink to absorb all the benefits of them.  We had 2 each the drink was so yummy. Being a coffee addict, this is probably the healthiest equivalent without the worry of cellulite and dehydration.

Next up was the quinoa sushi plate, served with a small bowl of tamari (gluten free soy sauce) with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Very colourful and packed with veggies, the sushi was going fast! The only comment I would make is that I would have liked avocado in this and maybe some tofu.


Their daily special this week when I went in for lunch was the spiralised beetroot linguine with kale and cashew nut pesto. Topped with vegan parmesan and zucchini crisps this dish was beautiful and fresh! I ate every mouthful with relish. I have never been a fan of beetroot but was amazed how the ‘pesto’ and ‘parmesan’ changed the taste.

Once the chefs place your meal on the table, they very passionately explain the ingredients and the process of making the dish. One thing you do not often see is such attention to detail and patience in serving somewhat new dishes to patrons. Almost felt like a private kitchen!

Unfortunately for me, the only dessert I have tasted in ABS is the Uncle Sam’s ice cream. Made fresh on the premises, ABS serves Vice creams (vegan and gluten free ice cream). This soft serve ice cream is made from sea salt, sprouted almond butter (ABS sells jars of this in their store) and Canadian maple syrup. Delicious and guilt free, you can even have this for breakfast!


Verdict: ABS, although small has a very warm and inviting atmosphere with their staff enthusiastically explaining the way they spout their own almonds onsite and their latest special of the week. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about the food which makes all the difference. Definitely my go to place for a health ‘binge’. Would love to try their famous Buddha bowl and almond butter cake next…..mmm….


Shop B, Ground Floor, 14 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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