Kaum at Potato Head- Balinese bliss

Potato Head has been SYP’s new ‘it’ restaurant for several months now. An export from Bali, this beach club has finally made its way to Hong Kong and surprisingly to the area of Sai Ying Pun (lucky us!)

Even as you enter, you feel completely transported. The 8,000 sq. ft. space offers very varied experiences. During the day, Kaum has a shop selling Indonesian made imports- handmade cutlery, earrings, fabric, books etc. The lounge area consists of a well-stocked bar, mismatched but very homey furniture and a corner where the DJ will spin his deck. Finally, behind a curtain you will enter the restaurant section. Diners can choose to sit at the bar in front of the open kitchen area watching the Kaum chefs work their magic, at communal style benches in the middle or at tables at the back.

All of us made the comment that the décor was well thought out, very authentic Indonesian and relaxing. You truly feel that you are somewhere else, the perfect escape from the city! The beautiful, soothing music playing in the background also heightened the experience.

To start, we ordered the Gado Gado salad, Batagor shrimp and fish dumplings and the Gohu Ikan Tuna. All dishes came promptly, looking very colourful as they were set down on the table.

We started debating which starter we liked the most. We were all undecided. All were quite different in flavour, but all delicious! The salad was amazingly crunchy, packed with veggies and garlic crackers all around the rim, the dumplings were unusually tangy (suspect lemon was used for the fish) which gave it a lovely fresh and light taste and lastly, the tuna (sashimi) had been marinated in lime, coriander, garlic- simply beautiful!

We decided to go for the bamboo slow cooked Pa’Piong Ayam for main. They had run out of chicken but had offered to give us pork instead. One of the chef’s later told us that they cook the meat for at least an hour and add around 24 ingredients for that perfect flavour. This dish was certainly that- crispy on the outside but super succulent and tender in the middle. Packed with flavour but not too overpowering as to not taste the meat itself. Excellent dish!


For sharing, we had the Gulai Udang Aceh curry with prawns with Nasi Goreng rice. Maybe an overdose of prawns as they had them in the rice and the curry, but this really hit the spot. The curry was not too spicy, but had enough of a kick. All time comfort food is curry and rice and this really made me remember why!


Verdict: at around 250 per person (without cocktails), we were pleasantly surprised how every dish was consistently flavourful, had fresh ingredients and so different to the previous. Moreover, the atmosphere is relaxed, food is hearty and the price is fairly reasonable (not including drinks). At the end of the meal, we didn’t even want to remove the taste from our palates by popping gum. We were all in agreement, Potato Head is definitely worth a trip back!


G/F, 100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2858 6066 http://www.kaum.com/



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