The Parish- Southern comfort?

Brought to you by Executive Chef Jack Carson from Restoration and the Big Easy, this Southern style American restaurant brings you all the classic dishes from Louisiana- fried chicken, grits, shrimp, jambalaya, the list goes on….

We went for the set lunch which provides a choice of starter and main for 98 HKD +10%. Much to our dismay, the only veggie option available was the artichoke dip with nachos (even as a la carte). Although tasty, we would have liked to have seen a bit more flexibility from the chef on this.


The starters came after 10-15 minutes. Quite slow for lunch service and the place was not even full.

We had the spinach salad and the duck and andouille gumbo. My gumbo was super spicy and full of flavour. Trying not to grab the water, I ate every mouthful with relish although with my tongue on fire!


For mains, we ordered fried chicken with fries and the fish tacos. The taco shells were classically American, hard casing. The coleslaw and the mango relish on the side were delicious. The fish was tasty but perhaps needed some more spice to complement the sweetness from the mango. Good but not the best taco I’ve ever had.


Similarly, the chicken was also very tasty. The skin was just crispy enough with chili powder sprinkled all over it, giving it that kick. The fries were average but we couldn’t finish these anyway. Again, good quality chicken but I’ve had better.

Now, for the dessert. We ordered the crème brulée and pecan pie. Both desserts were winners! Both creamy and both had just the right consistency. Decadent desserts!


Here is something I must mention, that was quite off putting about the whole meal. When making the booking, I made mention that two customers had special dietary requirements- one veggie and the other is intolerant to garlic and onion. It appeared that no note had been made of this, however when we mentioned it to the staff, they still came back with a salad with onion on top. This was promptly sent back of course. Then for the main, the same thing happened! Either they were not paying attention or not bothered or both. Either way, totally unacceptable!

Verdict: Decent set lunch, however worth going again? The Parish has a lot of potential, but misses the mark on attentiveness to customers, getting the food out quickly for lunch service and that oompf that makes good food great. In conclusion, for Southern food, I’d rather visit Lily and Bloom or Stone Nullah Tavern.


G/F, 44 Staunton Street Soho, Central, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2803 0050


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