Oldish- all day English breakfast

Oldish has recently received high praise from a lot of people on a certain public review site. Tucked away on Tung Street just off Hollywood road, the décor is perfect for a breakfast/brunch place. Magazines and books are strewn across the bookshelves, mismatched furniture and a lopsided looking dining room gives it a cosy feeling.

We reserved a table for 7 of us, they warned us that they would let go of the table if we were late by 15 minutes, so we rushed from Central to make it in time. They have the daily lunch option which comes with a drink and tomato soup. Otherwise, you can order a la carte.


I chose the eggs benedict with salmon and avocado. Oddly, this was served first and then the soup came moments afterwards. Understand that they want the turnover to be fast, but it certainly wasn’t full for lunch with many spare seats around us. Also, after taking my first bite into the poached eggs, found them to be tepid. You are kind of caught between finishing the soup or the eggs first before they turn cold! On top of that, the avocado was not ripe. I would much rather they told us that they would not serve us these, than give us hard, chewy avocados.


The other plates ordered were the English breakfast (one veggie) and 2 Wagyu beef burgers with a big parmesan cracker in the middle.


The burger was described as having a dense patty which was not evenly cooked. Confusingly, they had sultanas in the brioche and 4 types of cheese may be going overboard. Overall, good taste but not the best.


All of the dishes were very big and while this may be good for the guys, none of us ladies could completely finish our meals.

Verdict: Although the portion sizes are very generous, it’s about quality not quantity! If I want a MASSIVE breakfast, I’d head to the Flying Pan. Although, brunch club is definitely more crowded, I’d much rather go there for their not so cOldish eggs benedict. Unfortunately, not blown away with this one!


G/F, 53 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2697 3313


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