Yuan is here- service with a smile (!)

You can always expect to see a long line up for this Taiwanese street food haunt in Sai Ying Pun’s third street. You cannot miss the neon lights and large queues outside this place.

Friday night, we had to wait for about 40 minutes for 6 of us to be seated. To forewarn you, I asked whether I could use the facilities while we waited. The best option they will give you is the public one down the street….

The man at the door will assign you a number on a paper menu, so I was on high alert as my Cantonese is not that good.

We were finally seated towards the back, I have a feeling I was near the toilet but wasn’t the only one to comment on the slight smell…

Regardless, we ordered the shredded chicken with rice, pork belly with rice, Taiwanese sausage, pig blood cake, steamed pork belly bun (burger on the menu), preserved egg with tofu (皮蛋 豆腐) , fried chicken and fried squid.

We had also ordered pearl tea which is a must if you are in a Taiwanese place. To our dismay, they only brought 1 out of the 3 we ordered and didn’t mention that they had run out until we followed up. We also had to follow up on beer orders. The pearl tea was delicious so even more disappointing they served us one.

Food was served quickly on our table. We were all in agreement that every dish was VERY tasty and we managed to finish everything. Although, towards the end of the meal we were told to leave most abruptly by the man at the front as we had exceeded 40 minutes dining. First of all, there was no sign nor were we told that dining is limited to 40 minutes. Secondly, my friend was still in the middle of eating when we were being ushered out.

Verdict: Amazing turnout to dine in for this place. The service is beyond atrocious- items were forgotten, they had run out of tapioca for bubble tea (unbelievable for Taiwanese) and they very rudely asked us to leave in the middle of dining. Despite this, I would consider getting takeout if you are in the mood for street food. This restaurant, rightly so soured the experience for my friends. Needless to say, they won’t be coming back, but if you do avoid the staff and call Food Panda instead.


G/F 73 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Ph: 852 3579 2460



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