U-hang- contemporary Korean

The huge neon sign will undoubtedly draw you in to this place, located on the bustling High Street of Sai Ying Pun, U hang offers a modern take on Korean cuisine.

There is a bar located in the middle which creates a somewhat confusing divider but there’s the option of al fresco dining with two tables outside. I was quite impressed that there was a ramp to the washroom, so it is handicap friendly- something I haven’t seen much of in Hong Kong.

The menu is thankfully quite short and simple with U-hang’s signature dishes, small and large bites listed. On the back are a handy list of Korean phrases, such as ‘I am starving’- very nice touch although none of the staff are Korean so will have to try this out somewhere else.

Our first dish of the night came out very quickly- U hang’s KFC fried chicken. The chicken was well cooked but I would have liked it to be a bit more crispy. Unlike Uncle Paddak’s, U hang’s version is a lot sweeter. Overall, a great dish though!


Second, came the vegetarian dumplings filled with pumpkin. The dumplings were fried and quite chewy. I think the meat version may have been better as I found this to be quite bland, but a good option for veggies.


Lastly, we had the seafood and noodle soup. It’s a good thing that the waiter was attentively filling up our glasses with water, because this one made us sweat with how spicy it was. Although, it was so tasty, we finished the whole bowl (and the water jug too).

Verdict: Reasonable price for a reasonable meal, nothing spectacular but I would come again to try the kimchi pancakes and sliders. Was disappointed with the English pop songs in the background, would have liked to hear K pop instead (not a K pop fan per se but when in Rome!).


58-60 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Ph: 852 2549 6788 http://uhang.hk/


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