Le Table de Patrick- French flirtation

Its dining week! We took advantage and headed off to le Table de Patrick in Soho/Central. I had heard some amazing feedback from a friend of mine so was intrigued to sample food from Patrick’s table….

I’m absolutely awful with Google maps and just street names in general, so we had to circle a bit. Watch out for this sign opposite Lush in Soho and you are almost there:


Making the reservation on the dining week site, I made a note that my colleague has some food intolerances. Patrick immediately greeted us very warmly and mentioned the dietary requirements. We noticed that he was attentive to every patron, something you do not see often in Hong Kong!

Already impressed, we went with his recommendations. The chilled crab meat and the eggplant and Provençal mousse to start. The crab was very fresh and tasty. The mousse was great on the many servings of toasted bread we were given, although quite peppery. Absolutely fine for me but not everyone’s taste.



For main, we ordered the salmon fillet and the roasted leg of lamb with chickpea mash. Both dishes came very promptly after the starters which was great! Presentation of both dishes was beautiful, however the salmon was slightly undercooked and the lamb was quite fatty. I however loved the chickpea ‘mash’, smeared on bread it was delicious!



For the last course, we had the rum flambée banana and the iced dark chocolate with hazelnut bombe. We were most disappointed with these two. We compared the ‘bombe’ to a choc ice and the banana was also quite underwhelming.



Verdict: Dishes came out in a very timely manner, perfect for lunch when you have to rush back to the office! Unfortunately, I wasn’t AMAZED by the food, although my friend tells me the tasting menu is fabulous. Flirtation from the lovely French chef aside, I wouldn’t come back for the lunch at 198 HKD + 10% as I could have the same/better at Le Bouchon Bistro and pay much less.  Maybe again for the tasting menu…..


6/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37-43 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong Ph: 2541 1401



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