Le Bouchon Bistro – French comfort

Le Bouchon Bistro has been a staple of Elgin street, yet I had never been. This bistro sits in a prime location and I finally thought I should give their lunch set a go.

The atmosphere is quite cosy, the bar area takes up a lot of space so there isn’t much seating but it does give a more intimate feeling. With French posters dotted all over the walls and a chalk board up with the soup and tarte of the day, these little touches give a comforting feel.

They offer two courses for 128 or three courses for 158 for their set lunch. Of course, we all went for two courses as you can go for dessert instead of a starter.

My main was the slow cooked chicken with vegetables. The chicken was served in a little pot with mash on the side- pure comfort food! The chicken was so succulent, unfortunately there was quite a bit of skin but there was enough meat to compensate. The dish reminded me of a farmers meal- hearty, wholesome and leaves you feeling very satisfied.

Many of my colleagues chose the classic steak frites. I was told the frites were so so, but the steak was great!


No brainer for me, I chose the dessert option, tarte of the day. The tarte was a combination of crème brulée and lemon tarte with a thin layer of caramalised sugar on top. Absolutely delicious!


Some friends have raved about their snails, may have to pop by for dinner too!

Verdict: Le Bouchon has become a lunch time favourite for me.   Their dishes are consistently good quality and I daresay may become a regular!


49 Elgin Street, Soho, Central Ph: 852 2525 9300



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