Teakha- cake and tea fix

So finally I got to visit Teakha today! Yay! Read so much about this place so was looking forward to their gourmet teas and desserts.

I went with my friend who has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever met! Sundays are extremely busy. They have some additional seating in the building next door which is self service, hopefully you won’t have to sit there. Juggling hot tea and dessert up very steep steps would be a challenge!

Luckily, two patrons were leaving so we got a spot near the door. We ordered the Roselle tea with the green tea and thai tea cheescake.

Being British, we LOVE tea, the Roselle was gorgeous. If you like fruit tea, go for this one. They have a big selection so for sure there will be something you like. Both desserts met our expectations- the green tea one being richer and with less gelatine but the Thai tea had a stronger flavour.

Verdict: cute intimate setting, albeit very crowded on a Sunday. So much so that I had given up on closing the door to cool down. I would definitely come again for the superb tea and cakes- really hits the spot! Warning -tea comes at about 50HKD for the pot.


Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan street, Sheung Wan



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