Cochin- hearty French food

Replacing Chicha on Peel Street, Cochin is a French restaurant serving up slightly modern cuisine. We were walking past and decided to stop over here rather than heading to a favourite- Grassroots Pantry.

The website is still in progress so no pictures nor a menu have been uploaded as yet. Slightly disappointing as they have been open for a few weeks now.

The set lunch menu offered the unlimited salad and dessert bar with an option of adding a main. We very greedily chose the buffet and the main course!- Friday indulgence…

There were 5 different types of salad on the table, all varied, fresh and tasty! My friend does not eat any garlic or onion and luckily (although this is a French restaurant) there was none in the dressing. Cheese was also laid out and bread placed on the table.


The fish of the day was sea bream, steamed with some garlic and lemon, with vegetables on the side. I was quite disappointed at the size of the fish and for that price you would expect some more vegetables to make up for the lack of fish, but my friend was pleased with the small portion.


We shared the mushroom linguine which was the only dish on the set menu they could make without garlic or onion- it’s probably sacrilege to even ask such a thing ! Unfortunately, without those two ingredients, the dish turned out to be quite bland, the water that mushrooms seep when they are cooked was at the bottom of the dish and this was not worth the money we paid.

I do have a HUGE sweet tooth and wasn’t disappointed with the array of desserts on the buffet table. The winner was the lemon tart, perfect mix of sweet and sour!


Verdict: Attentive service, albeit hit and miss food. In a sort of Il Bel Paese way, shelves are surrounding you with French products for you to buy and something I thought quite quirky is that the art behind you can be purchased. At the moment, Cochin hasn’t developed its identity. Perhaps better at dinner, but for lunch, wasn’t worth the money and I have been to better French restaurants in Hong Kong.


26 Peel Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong PH: 852 2561 3336


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