Ice Ice Puffy

When I first moved to HK everything on the food front was so exciting, just wanted to eat everything. But there’s always a classic HK snack I try out where ever I am. EGG BALLS!! You’ll be able to smell these from a mile away, which is why I ended up at ICE PUFF even though I was on my way to dinner!

This place has put a twist on a classic, turning the egg balls into a sort of crepe like cone and you can fill it with ice cream or leave it plain.

So there was original,black sesame, cheese, Belgian chocolate and truffle to choose from, with an interesting choice of ice cream including malt (like Horlicks), mango and a few others. I went for the Black Sesame flavour on its own, not too sweet, well filled, crispy on outside and soft inside. YUMMM!

Verdict: Satisfying (in my case…pre-dinner) snack!


Ice Puff, G/F, 78 Electric Road, Tin Hau


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