Yum Cha- style over substance?

Ever since I saw these viral videos of people smushing dim sum and making them poo or puke, I have been wanting to check out this gimmicky resto.

This concept is nothing new to Hong Kong, with contemporary and MSG free dim sum restaurants popping up all over the place- Social Place, Crystal Lotus in Disney etc. Let’s face it, we all love seeing cute characters on our food, but does it taste any good?

I came here for lunch and luckily we had booked since it was already full on arrival around 12 noon during the weekday.

Ordered the must tries (must get an Instagram of), these had funny names so in case you’re wondering we ordered:

BBQ Piggy Buns (aka cha siu bun)
Hot Custard Buns (this is the one that”vomits” out custard!)


I was very keen to try one of my all-time favourites, Pidan Dofu (1000 year egg with tofu). The traditional dish is usually jet black in colour and packed with flavour. Unfortunately Yum Cha’s white version was too bland for my taste.

Another choice of mine was the cold noodles with peanut sauce. Gotta be honest, this was average as they were way too stingy with the peanut sauce.

We moved on to the spicy peanut chicken, it had that perfect amount of ‘ma’ (the spiciness you get when your tongue goes numb, not to be confused with ‘la’). This one we finished off completely, although there’s only so much ‘ma’ I can take before I can’t speak anymore (perhaps a blessing).


The salt and pepper squid came next, it was quite a big portion so needless to say we couldn’t finish this one. The squid was very big but I felt that the batter wasn’t thick or light enough. Maybe I am being picky but I have definitely had better salt and pepper squid.

The shredded SM duck noodles looked amazing in pictures. Unfortunately, it was another case of looks being deceiving. The noodles were just not crispy enough, ending up being very chewy and unpalatable.

Verdict: Taste is just like you regular dim sum place, but nice gimmicky choices to impress the kids with, albeit overpriced at around 250 pp. Worth a visit at least once, but not your weekly ritual Sunday morning hang out.


Two locations: 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Central / TSIM SHA TSUI: 3/F, 20-22 Granville Road, TST, Kowloon


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