Wasabi warriors- takeout lunch

After checking out some costumes on Pottinger street, I decided to take a wander down Stanley Street. I was scoping the lunch  options when I came across this small takeout joint. Wasabi warriors very clearly boasts organic food, made onsite, sourced locally and no food wastage as their USP. The latter I found most impressive, but I am sure you want to know how the food was!

Instead of ordering from their set lunch deals, e.g. teriyaki beef or chicken + miso soup for under 70 HKD, I went a la carte and chose a few rolls and nigiri. I predictably over ordered- my eyes are always bigger than my stomach!

Warning the rolls are quite long and packed with rice so you only need to order a few. The ingredients overall I would say are very fresh. The only thing that put me off slightly was they hadn’t seemed to have figured out their queue system. Customers were standing around everywhere and it wasn’t clear that I needed to wait. Also, pet peeve of mine when I’m ordering is someone cutting in and asking a million questions in Cantonese while I am waiting to pay or be served. They were quite quick to serve me but there were not that many customers at 1:30pm. Don’t know how they will cope with the full on lunch time crowd. Hopefully they will tweak this.

Verdict: Ordering a la carte may set you back a bit, the queuing system was way too disorganized (maybe I am a bit OCD), but the food was definitely fresh and tasty!


Unit F, GF World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong PH: 852 2323 1512 http://www.wasabiwarriors.com.hk




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